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Break Free From Limiting Beliefs Once and For All!

You know, we create our own reality. Yes, your thoughts, emotions and beliefs dictate the experiences and the life you live.  I know you have heard this before, but it will not resonate with you until you take a close look at your life in correlation to your dominant thoughts and habitual feelings. If you are courageous enough to look closely, you will notice that your life is a mirror image to your dominant thoughts, because they are inseparable. So it’s up to you to decide what you chose to dwell on and how to react to it.

We all practice thought patterns on an unconscious level, and the byproducts of thoughts are emotions and feelings in our physical bodies. Therefore, if we are practicing negative thought patterns on autopilot, then we are automatically in a habitual state of unease, unhappiness and living unfulfilled lives.

The moment we take responsibility for our lives as our own creation, that is the beginning of  transformation.  Appreciate each step that you will take on this transformation journey, because appreciation breeds a positive mental state. Develop a pattern of being proactive about every aspect of your life instead of reactive. This helps move you from just letting things in life happen to you to taking charge of your life and deciding what circumstances you will live with. Of course, you can’t control what happens but you can certainly control how you respond to things that happen, therefore having a plan and direction helps you navigate to the life you want instead of things just randomly happening.

It takes deliberate work to break limiting beliefs and old thought patterns, which is why most people never do. The journey into self awareness will deliver you on an unmistakable path of not only identifying your thought patterns, but also acknowledging the effects that they bring into your physical existence.

There are four key steps that are necessary for us to take in order to break our limiting beliefs. It is recommended that once you lay it out for yourself in written form, that you revisit it often and adjust as needed.

Step 1: Identify the Problem

What specific event in your life is causing you to feel negative emotion? (Anger, fear, resentment, sadness, etc.) Be specific.

Step 2: Acknowledge Your Thoughts and Beliefs About This Problem

What do you think about the situation? Is it frustrating? Are you upset? Are you angry or fearful?

How is this problem opposite from how you want things to be? Really acknowledge what you THINK about the situation.

Step 3: Byproducts of Your Beliefs

What emotions do you feel from these beliefs and thoughts? What type of action do you take as a result of these emotions? How do you feel from these emotions, beliefs, thoughts and actions?

So from here we have acknowledged the problem, identified the beliefs and thoughts about the problem, and discovered the negative emotions that harm your well-being. Although the beliefs, thoughts, emotions and actions may be justifiable in your case, that is not the objective. We are not looking to justify our current condition! We are looking to improve it! Therefore, let’s move onto step four…

Step 4: Ditch & Decide

Ditching the thoughts and actions that are bringing harm to you takes practice. Simply asking yourself one question like “Does it make me feel happy and healthy to keep thinking these thoughts and taking these actions?” will set you on the right path in order to let it go, and decide to think better, and to feel better.

Develop a ritual of asking yourself positive empowering questions daily that lift you up and help you focus on what you desire. For instance;

–what am I grateful for today?

–what steps can I take right now to bring me closer to my goals?

–What are my strengths? What can I do to improve my weaknesses?

Say daily incantations such as:

I am a winner!

I am strong and I can do what I need to reach my goals!

I am committed to fulfilling my purpose!

Remember that beliefs are only thoughts that we keep thinking, so we must make a habit of thinking along better patterns of thought.

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All the Best!

Renee Starms 

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