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Be a Decision Maker!

I know it’s the holidays, so around this time, everyone is in Chill Mode!…..

However, now is the best time to put your plan together for 2013, with an intent to truly accomplish those goals.

Most people fail in life because they don’t have the ability to be consistent and see things through to the end.

What Does Your Past Say About You?

Let’s do a test so you can see what I mean!

I want you to think about the past 5 years of your life, and all the things you “started” or all the “great ideas” you had…….

Now how many of them did you actually Finish or see through to the end????

I’m waiting…. take your time and think about this for a minute!

Now grab a piece of paper and write a list of all those things you said you were going to do, on the left hand side of the paper.

On the right hand side, put either a Q or a C, which stands for “Quit” or “Completed”……

Go through and test yourself by calculating how many Q’s you have and how many C’s you have.

Take the Total number of all those you wrote down, and divide them by the # of Q’s and the # of C’s, separately, and see what % of items you’ve quit on in the past 5 years and those that you actually completed…….

What are your numbers?

Are you a Quitter or a Completer??

This is the reason why it’s so easy for the few that stick things out to succeed, because the competition gets very very slim the harder they push.

What I’ve learned is that most people don’t have the ability to stay consistent, focus on one thing and see it through to the end, which is why I’m NEVER worried about competition!

Do You Have What It Takes?

If you’ve ever sought the approval of others to affirm whether you have what it takes to succeed or not, today you have the chance to change that!

Instead of waiting on others to confirm, I want you to confirm that you do by doing this one thing…. “MAKE A DECISION”!

Yep, you heard me correctly….

Make a Decision to succeed.

Make a Decision to see things through to the end.

Make a Decision to commit to the “work” required to succeed.

Make a Decision to avoid excuses.

Make a Decision to be responsible over your own success.

Make a Decision over your life and your future!

Are you ready to move in the right direction for success in 2013? Go here

Happy New Year!

Renee Starms

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