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The Best Advice!

Last Night, my upline in Empower Network did and awesome training. She has decided to create a challenge for our team which leads up to the the Empower Network event in Austin in January.

I was blown away and so encouraged. This was the first time I finally, Got it! She broke down the daily routine of exactly what you have to do to be successful in internet marketing. She demystified the idea of having a “Magic Formula” or “Secret” to creating success in internet marketing, whether it is selling your own products online, mlm, or network marketing.  It simply boils down to being ready to  listen to instruction, follow the steps laid out for you and just get to work.

Sometimes we find every reason on the planet not to do the work, even after we’ve signed on and said we are committed. But I realize now that something has to happen on the inside. You have to make an inner shift and be determined within yourself to “Show up”, “Do the Work” and establish your reasons for getting involved in the first place. When you make a choice to make money online, it’s just like  anything else that offers great rewards but you have to work hard and be consistent because it’s not easy until you master your skills and make this a lifestyle. You have to be very serious with yourself and your business.

One of the great points she made is about changing your mindset. Half the work involved in anything is first conquering it within your mind. You have to feel like you are worthy and capable of achieving your goals. You can’t let whatever issues you are facing in your life right now derail you. There will always be issues we’ll have to face. You just have to decide to fight past them and keep it moving.

Sometimes, as a matter of fact, most of the time, we can be our own worst enemy. Well, when you want to experience the success that many other up and coming marketers are experiencing, like earning   their first 5 figure month, or $1,000 day, or even just your first $100 online. Don’t think so much about it, just do it! It obviously can be done because someone else has done it. If you see yourself in the right way, you know that you will let nothing stop you from doing it, if it’s what you choose to do.

You have to learn to value yourself and your time. STOP PLAYING WITH YOUR LIFE. Take your most precious commodity, your time, and use it wisely. Don’t waste it worrying, or letting it be spent dealing with trivial things. If you have big dreams and are ready to move forward, it’s YOU who has to determine what you are going to do to get there. You have to create goals and break them down into daily bite size chunks.  You can’t let circumstances make the decision for you. If you want something bad enough you will find a way to make time for it. Also, if you feel that you are worthy of what you want, you won’t settle for anything less.

Okay, so I’ve rambled a bit but you get the point. I’m just trying to say, care enough about yourself to commit to doing the things that will make you the best you can be.


With Empower Network, you can see how true the name really is because they literally create leaders. The way the community is created, it makes people get out of their fear and comfort zones so they can earn what they desire and live the life they have dreamed about. All they while, helping other people do the same thing.  I have to admit I fought long and hard, bumping my head against the wall trying to do it my way. I’m so glad my stubborn streak ran its course.  Now I simply follow my leaders and the awesome training in Empower Network.

If are ready to experience real life changing success and get the nitty gritty practical daily skills to make money online that you can use in any endeavor, then click this link and make 2013 your best year yet!

All the Best!

Renee Starms


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