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Do you realize what you are thinking?

Have you ever had someone ask you this question? There are endless scenarios were this question could be appropriate. But right now, I’d really like for you to think about it.

What you thinking? And I mean in terms of everything….

In every aspect of your life; your health, your career, your lifestyle, your future, your relationships, your children, your responsibilities and the circumstances that you may find yourself in right now.

Do you know that when your thoughts align with what you want you place yourself in a better position to get what you want?

It may sound a little hoaky but we’ve all heard something similar before.

You have to really examine this question. Getting to the bottom of this can have a profound effect on your life. So set aside some time to really figure it out.  Get to a quiet place and examine your thoughts. You say that you want things in your life to be better; your health, your finances, etc. But although you say it, do you really mean it and believe that they can be?

And this is the thing. You have to have your thoughts in alignment with what you want, plain and simple. If you are thinking that nothing ever changes. Or that you don’t have the time or the energy to put forth to make things better, then you will get more of what you think.  And your actions will be in line with how you really feel and think. This can cause procrastination and prolong you getting to where ever it is you really want to be. Thinking that you are essentially defeated and maybe it’s too late for you to do anything but daydream about; like getting that house on the hill, or the new car or family vacation simply because you can’t see your way past paying the light bill is something you have to change.

I know that it takes effort to change how you are thinking because you have to become conscious of it. Yes, there are thoughts we just think subconsciously and automatically but if we want to better our situation we have to be aware of our thoughts and make an effort to remain focused on what we want. We don’t have the luxury of thinking one way and expecting our outcome to be different. If you want change it starts with you, and it starts with how you think.

You have to get focused and set goals and believe that you can achieve them. And if there are any doubts or thoughts you may be harboring to the contrary then you have to get to the bottom of them. Find out why you think the way you do and find the solution to change your thoughts about yourself and your situation it at the core. You will have to work to eradicate any negative or contrary thoughts that would hinder whatever it is you want but of course, it’s worth it. Why daydream and watch on the sidelines as someone else lives the life you are dreaming about? Just get up! Wherever you are a start taking baby steps to live the life you want.

If you are ready to begin thinking right and moving in the direction of your dreams, then get on with living and pushing towards the lifestyle and goals that you want to accomplish,  get ideas and tips on setting goals and conditioning yourself to think better right here.

Make 2013 your best year ever!

Renee Starms


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