Happy New Year!!!

I wish all of you a wonderful and prosperous new year!

Well, lets get right to it. If you’re serious about being a money making internet marketer in 2012, you’ve got to rev up your list building activities. And the biggest thing you can do for yourself is utilize The Empower  Network.

As more people venture online in search of starting their own business, the need to be two steps ahead of the competition has increased. The demand for new marketing tips and strategies on how to grow your list has grown, and as a result companies with claims of having the solution to list building problems are popping up everywhere. For the most part many of these are all hype with little to no substantial way of helping you do anything, however there is one that has not only made enormous claims, has also managed to back up each one in its first three weeks.

Empower Network Simplifies List Building

Empower Network has removed the technical aspect of list building by providing a system that has the ability to be integrated with your Aweber or Get Response auto responder. When a prospect enters their email to watch the sales video through your lead capture page they are automatically placed in your autoresponder as a lead. This happens whether they purchase the system or not, enabling you to capture their information send follow up emails promoting the Empower Network system through the email swipe copy that is provided by the network or from your own arsenal.

The great thing about these leads is that not only are they targeted, and have shown expressed interest in you and your business, they are yours to keep and can be funneled into any of your opportunities or product campaigns.

Learning the various strategies that go into a successful marketing funnel to generate not just the right kind of leads, but consistent leads can be a challenge as attempting to build a list on your own takes a lot of time and money that many online marketers just do not have.

Empower Network makes it easy by covering four basic principles of list building.

1. Have a converting web form on your site

Your Empower Network Blog comes with a fully monetized theme. No matter where the prospect clicks they will be taken to your lead capture page and entered into your sales funnel.

=> View the Empower Network Blog Here <=

2. Have valuable content that is useful to your readers

One of the biggest pieces to being successful with Empower Network is to blog daily, but unfortunately everyone does not possess the time to do that or the money to outsource. For those in this particular situation there is a solution: PLR

Without going into full detail, PLR stands for Private Label Rights, and is essentially where you purchase the rights to articles and blog posts to use as your own. This tactic is perfectly legal and one of the industry’s biggest secrets. For more information on high quality PLR check out the MLM PLR STORE.

3. Offer Great Products and Services

Empower Network’s plug and play viral blog/marketing system is so easy that anyone from the most experienced to the person who joined a few hours ago can make money. It levels the playing field for everyone and create success stories that position those using it as an industry leader in a way that’s never been done before.

4. Ethical Lead Generation

Anyone who opts in to your Empower Network list is there because they opted into your site. There were no unethical practices involved which allows you to maintain the reputation of being a quality marketer.

For a quick overview of the Empower Network system => CLICK HERE <=

Now that you are able to see the value in this  system, don’t waste time procrastinating, start building a lucrative online business for yourself today. The tools I’ve mentioned above make it so easy to get started and begin earning an income immediately.

All the Best,

Renee Starms

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