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A Fresh Perspective on Internet Marketing in the New Economy

Who would have thought a decade ago, that Sears or KMART would actually consider closing their doors. Just today a new article was released stating that Sears will be closing 120 stores. Although mediocre management may play a huge role in their downsizing, a store of this magnitude would usually be able to bounce back and keep its doors open.  So, here again, there are many of their employees who thought they had a stable job who will now have to seek employment elsewhere. And since there aren’t any new stores opening to replace the jobs they are losing,  they will have to earn a living elsewhere.

There is no better time than now to get started in internet marketing. Our traditional ways of doing business and making a living are quickly changing and it doesn’t look like it will ever return. The internet is still a vast open arena, with many opportunities. You just have to be careful and diligent when seeking or carving out a living online, but it’s definitely the best place to be.  Even stores like Sears don’t mind closing their stores because they have an online presence and in some areas, this is where they thrive.

For the new year, you should consider an online activity , whether a blog, affiliate marketing, or selling an ebook. You’ll be surprised how rewarding it can be.  You simply need to learn to do it right and stick with it. There are over 700 million people around the world online, and that’s one hell of an open market.

Get more information and start learning how to position yourself to begin partaking in the new economy. Go to and sign up to get free information on how to get started.

Wishing you a great and prosperous new year!

Renee Starms



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