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How to Be a “Real” Internet Marketer

You hear so much about what to do to be successful as an internet marketer and sometimes, it’s just mindboggling. You scramble around trying to find content for your blog. Then you try to determine who to reach out to, whether online, or friends and even strangers, in order to make your dreams of earning a living online a reality.

Well, now that I have stuck it out for a while, the mysteries of earning an income online are finally unfolding and I’m able to put “two and two together”. It actually took me a minute to understand why I need an auto responder, a blog, and various other “tools” to run my operation smoothly.

No one really seems tells you about all of the tools and tactics that are required to make internet marketing work. Besides all of the information that is thrown at you. There are countless companies marketing something new every day, and for a minute, and it’s easy to fall prey to them.

It’s almost like a right of passage to scour around by yourself and hope the hype that’s being presented to you is legitimate.

Well, I decided to blog about this in hopes of helping someone else lessen their learning curve. I will fill you in on a few companies that I have found to be very helpful to me. Most of them, you can try out for yourself for a nominal fee (and some  for free) to see if they suit you.

So the systems and steps are as follows, and they don’t necessarily have to be in this order:

  1. Get a WordPress blog – Free
  2. Get an Empower Network Blog – $25 a month – here you’ll get excellent training and a very  supportive community to learn what your daily activities should be and how to link your free WordPress blog with you Empower Network blog to be most effective and get ranked quicker with more exposure while generating an income helping others learn to blog too.
  3. MLSP ( which stands for My Lead System Pro) – is hands down the best training platform to learn all of the ins and  outs of various strategies to create a successful online business. And they have many tools and a great supportive community. They also have terrific capture pages to begin building your list immediately.
  4. I f you ever run out of topics to blog about and just can’t think of anything,  MLM PLR Store is a great source to get private label rights,  pre-written articles  to ensure you do a blog post daily. but don’t be lazy….learn to write you own content.
  5. IM Tool Suite, is an awesome capture page creator, you can create a page within a few minutes a be ready to blast it  out. They also have a plethora of great tools; video emails, webinar software ,etc.
  6. Of course, you must have an autoresponder like  Aweber or get response to build your list.. This is critical. This should have actually been #2 of the steps.
  7. Create a Youtube account (free) or other video social account and start making videos daily as well. This helps increase your credibility.
  8. If you need to jumpstart your efforts, you don’t want to leave out LeadNetPro. Some would consider this almost cheating because it’s an email extractor whereby you can create a campaign then have thousands of emails extracted within minutes to send it to.

They key to success is branding yourself and building a list. You want to get into the habit of blogging and creating content daily. This is a skill you definitely want to learn how to do properly. It  is the foundation for most successful marketers.


this is my two cents and of course, as you look further into each of these systems, you decide which direction you want to take to grow your business. There will be certainly be other tools and training you will need but consider this a pretty decent start.

There are countless internet gurus who have extremely valuable information and within these aforementioned programs, you will truly find the “Cream of the Crop”.

All of these tools have had a great impact on my internet marketing training and career. I would not do without any of them.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about any of these programs,  sign up at  for invaluable free information how to put this internet marketing thing together.

All the Best!

Renee Starms


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