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Monetize your blog with pre-affiliate videos

How to Monetize Your Blog with Pre Affiliate Videos

Internet marketing is about providing value to others. If you want to be successful at marketing you have to learn how to share quality information properly.  Your mindset in internet marketing should be about service. What can you do” to help others.

With that said, a great way to generate traffic and begin providing quality information that people can use it to do 3 to 4 minute pre-affiliate videos.   Answering a commonly asked question is one of the best and easiest ways to build your list of followers. Remember, your objective is to;

1. Educate – do a brief overview of your subject, explain the “big picture”

2. Show the benefit –if working with a product or service

3. Refer to an expert – when necessary

When done properly, this can accelerate your marketing efforts and monetize your blog or online business very rapidly.  Allowing you to get into profit mode three times quicker and increasing your profits over 100%.

You’ll notice I said, “When done properly”……There are many marketers online making informational videos but some of them are going about it the wrong way.  So here are few tips to consider when going this route;

  1. Make sure your video isn’t over 4 mins. This seems to be best length, anything longer unless you’re explain something very complicated will lose readers and they won’t wait for your call to action at the end. If the information that you are providing requires more time then break it up into several videos.
  2. Don’t sell anything in your video, simply provide information and make sure you are being unbiased. Tell the truth, your honest opinions and objections with endure people to you and you’ll create lasting followers as opposed to being a “one hit salesperson”.  As a matter of fact, make sure to point out at least one downside to your product.
  3. Take your video and embed it into your blog.  Once this is done, tweet to your blog and make sure your Facebook profile is linked to your blog as well.  By all means, be sure to include your affiliate link within your video or below it so viewers have the opportunity to get more information or purchase it if they chose.
  4. Name your blog and your video post the same title, this helps google index and rank it better.

Now you can see this is a much friendlier more social way to get your brand exposed. And best of all, this promotion is FREE and it enables you to build a substantial list at no cost at all.

So go try it and make some money!

For more training visit, my blog and click on the “stop struggling MLM” at the top right corner.

All the best,

Renee Starms

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