My Intentions in the Empower Network 28 Day Challenge!

Assign #3 – My Intentions in the EN 28 Day Challenge

Since I have committed to taking this challenge, I decided not to get too overzealous about what I was going to accomplish during these 28 days although I am very excited and glad to be a part of a community that is pushing me to reach for my goals. I want to be realistic with my schedule and obligations yet challenging enough for me to raise the bar in my daily activities. So I have decided that my goal that I would like to accomplish in the next 28 days would be $10,000 in commissions. I consider this a very reasonable amount, yet challenging enough to set me on the path to being consistent and creating within myself the mindset needed to earn more as time goes on. I plan to purchase the inner circle product by Jan 5th  and I should be able to go “all in” and purchase everything by the end of January.

My focus is to blog, market and broadcast to my list daily as well as test all of the  strategies available and decide which one feels comfortable to me.

I am definitely willing to sacrifice the television and shopping. I will not allow myself any more excuses. I know that I am responsible for my success and I am the only one who can determine whether or not I succeed or fail. So, in order to accomplish my goals, I declare 2013 will be the year for me to get up and make things happen. Instead of watching other people “live” and move forward in life enjoying their situation. I am now making a conscious choice to do the same.  No longer will I give up and let life “just happen” to me and not fight back.  In doing this challenge, I realize that I have done this, I have allowed circumstances to stop me. But not anymore, it’s definitely time for a change.

I want to help 20 people learn how to work from home using Empower Network.  I will be sharing information daily and reaching out to people in order to do this. As long as I keep my goals in front of me, this will be an easy task to accomplish.

I will attend the live event in Austin and I will bring at least five people with me. I am soo looking forward to this life changing event and I do understand how important it is to attend events like these.

I will stick to the 28 day challenge and at the end of the 28 days, my goal is to have accomplished bringing 20 people into Empower Network, putting them on the path to working from home and changing their lives for the better. I will also make $10,000 within this time, other people have done it and I will follow their lead.  Attending the Austin event will set the tone for my year and I will build on this challenge by remaining consistent in my work and staying focused on these goals.

If you are ready to challenge yourself and defeat your inner wussie, join us here.  Don’t let 2013 be like 2012, keep reaching and make your dreams come true instead of sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else live their dreams. Woohoo, see you in Austin!

All the Best!

Renee Starms


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