Renee’s IM Tool Suite Review

Being able to market your business effectively is every business owner’s goal. We want to be able to reach the masses with various media outlets, but gee… what to choose? There are so many options! There’s video email, mobile marketing, live shows, and the list goes on and on! To subscribe to all these places is a nightmare!  Not anymore! IM Tool Suite has changed all that!

IMTool Suite is the creation of master marketers Jim Chao, Kenny Gregg, and Cedrick Harris. These gentleman joined forces and created a marketing toolbox that will fit your every need, want, and desire… all under one roof! Anyone who is dead set on becoming a marketing master needs IM Tool Suite as the helm!

Features of IM Tool Suites

IM Tool Suite offers every marketing tool you can think of! First up is video email. Video marketing is trending right now. With video email, instead of your recipient just reading text, they will see you, hear you, and feel your expressions. You can ‘talk’ directly to your market.  IM Tool Suite offers you the ability to send a BRANDED video email to your clients within minutes! All you need to do is choose your template, upload your video, choose the recipients and voila! … Branded video email! If they don’t have the template of your choosing, you can design your own.

Live Web Shows

Oh… can you say HSN of the internet? That is what a live web show can do for you. You can connect with your audience and they can connect with you! Can you see the value in being able to have a two-way conversation, and answering in real time? You have the ability to show presentations, screen shots, and just connect with your audience!

Pre-recorded Web channels

Webinar on demand! Consider this: This is the ultimate in branding and creating income over and over again. Imagine that you have created a webinar chock full of valuable content. You can either give this away as a bonus or sell it! This is creating residual income! IM Tool Suite provides the platform that you can leverage to create a revenue stream! You can also use this platform as pre-recorded training for your team. Instead of you spending your precious time training, you can record a webinar covering various topics. The training gets completed at your team member’s convenience. Can you see the value in this alone?

QR Code

The Quick Response (QR) code is making a big splash in the advertising industry. You can put them on your facebook page, business card, T-shirt, … pick a flat surface that can hold print, and you can add a QR code. Anyone with a smart phone can scan the QR code and land at the destination of your choosing! You can direct traffic to whatever website you want with a QR code. You can spend hundreds of dollars getting a QR code designed. IM Tool Suite offers you the capability of creating as many QR codes as your heart desires!

Capture pages

IM Tool Suite helps you design your own capture pages. They give you clues to the type of copy you should have on your capture page. If you can’t think of anything, you can ask for a suggestion. They are pre-designed to where you can add a video if you want or remove it. You can incorporate your AWeber list with your capture page so that you maintain your leads, even if you decide you no longer need IM Tool Suites.

The greatest feature of IM Tool Suite is the training provided to use the system. They have detailed, easy to understand videos that show you how to use every tool in IM Tool Suite. They have little icons called ‘what does this do’ that you can click on to find out what a particular tool does.

This is one of the simplest and most powerful tools any internet marketer could use. It places everything at your fingertips in one place and saves you tons of time.

You get all the above and so much more for $67 per month! IM Tool Suite offers an affiliate program as well. They offer a nice 30% commission when you refer someone who signs up with IM Tool Suites. Once you refer 4 friends, you will earn enough to cover the cost of your IM Tool Suite subscription! Test drive the system today for $5!

You can’t go wrong with IM TOOL Suite, try it out now !

All the Best,

Renee Starms


424-225-1357 / internetmoney@reneestarms.com

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