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Tribepro – The ulitimate social network tool

Tribepro is the ultimate social network syndication tool for those who want to get their content to the masses more rapidly than it would normally be.

Breaking into social media can be a daunting task for anyone. One person can make a ripple, but harnessing the power of a network of people can make a SPLASH!

And building a strong network takes time, but there are tools out there that can help you. TribePro is a tool that claims to do just that.This network is made up of a group of individuals who are all working toward the same purpose. They are divided into different tribes depending on their interests. You choose the best tribe for your content which is sent via RSS feed as soon as you post something. The tribe can then share your content on over 51 social media and social networking websites, creating buzz about you that is picked up by the search engines that will in turn bump you up in organic searches. This is great news since 85% of Google users do not look past the first page of results when conducting a search.

The platform is designed to be easy enough for the newcomer to use without trouble. It is automated in both sharing content of your own as well as that of others in your tribe. The messages are ‘spinnable’ making it easy to create unique looking messages that do not look like spam and tht are more likely to be consumed and shared by others. TribePro also has a great support team ready to help when you need it and their tracking tools will tell you who is sharing your content and where. An important part of sharing online content is being able to know where most of the traffic to your website comes from so you can more effectively target your market. This makes analytical tools an important part of your marketing efforts.

A downside to this method of sharing information is the necessity of also having a content syndicating program. TribePro recommends the use of Only wire. It is free to sign up and start using, but there is a bandwidth cap of 300 submissions for the trial. You can upgrade to as high as 100,000 submissions and overages are charged at $0.05 each. This cap includes content you are sharing from others as well as the content you want to share so it is important to be sure you do not use all your bandwidth to share the content of others and to keep some for yourself. If you are running on a tight budget, it is recommended you do the math and monitor your bandwidth usage so you do not exceed your cap and end up paying for the overages.

I made the mistake of syndicating over 5 people 5 times a day and my 1,000 submissions were used up within a week.

Unfortunately, this downfall is unavoidable when syndicating content, but using the system will save you countless hours. It is a great tool for any blogger or article writer as well as for anyone who might be looking to drive more traffic to their website. Adding the tribe to syndicated content makes this a very valuable tool.

You can try TribePro at no charge and risk free on their website, www.tribepro.com and upgrade at any time. Sign up takes less than a minute and if you choose one of the paid options, a percentage of revenue generated goes to the Children’s Cancer Research Fund.

Tribepro is the ultimate social network syndication tool for those who want to get their content to the masses more rapidly than it would normally be.

It’s definitely worth a try. Well, goodbye for now.

All the Best!

Renee Starms


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