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Futuristic Marketing vs. ImToolSuite?

Well, well, well, this new system by Jonathan Budd and Mark Hoverson is currently being hailed as the best way to do business moving forward.   From what I have gleaned from Jonathan Budd’s three marketing videos thus far, is that it is a system with two components: a traffic getting and conversion component and a software component.

The First Component:

What you will get in Futuristic Marketing is the invaluable coaching of several 7 and 8 figure internet marketing income earners. They focus on getting you traffic and providing the most up to date innovative tips to get traffic streaming to you quickly using such mediums as Facebook and other social media sites.

Then once they show you how to get the traffic, they teach you how to get high conversion rates by creating “influence”. In the case, they are referring to online influence using the techniques that the top marketers are making their 7 ad 8 figure incomes with.

The Second Component:

There is also some interesting software included, it’s called the Facebook Lead Accelerator, it helps you create capture pages within Facebook. Wow, that sounds pretty neat. Hmm…….. I’ve seen this somewhere before, oh yeah, ImToolSuite.  I actually have this and it’s super easy to use and it works like a charm. Love it.  I’m glad they have included one in Futuristic Marketing, they may have a few more bells and whistles in theirs so I can’t wait to see it.

Another part that is super great is the webinar automation feature.  With this feature you can create, save and schedule webinars that you can use at any time, while you’re on the beach, on a plane jetting off to some exotic destination, or while you’re just washing the car and cooking dinner. Either way, webinars are a fantastic way to market.   With Futuristic Marketing, they are going to show you how to:

* Create webinar content

* Get traffic to the webinars

*How to  present your content

*How to convert your viewers into sales.

And by the way, IM Tool Suite has one of these too. It’s called webinar on Demand. It’s super simple to use and you can live webinars in their program also.

I love my ImToolSuite. It has so many great features and I would not market without it. Here’s the article I wrote about ImToolSuite in the beginning of the year. But I am looking forward to the training and coaching that is included in the Futuristic Marketing Program.

And I love the way they are holding us in suspense. They even gave us a quiz to rate our marketing prowess and with all the contests and giveaways for affiliates, I’m super excited and super anxious to get my hands on it.

So here’s my humble opinion. I will definitely get Futuristic Marketing and give myself this tremendous advantage, the coaching from all of these top earners in one place and in one system is too awesome to pass up.  I am also keeping my imtoolsuite since there are so many tools and features in it that I use everyday.

So with that said, if you’re going to Go For It, Go Hard!

All the Best!

Renee Starms


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