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Know Your Prospect!

When you are looking to recruit someone to your team, you need to know WHO an ideal prospect is, and what to look for when searching for them? In a nutshell, a prospect is someone who could benefit from the opportunity that your company provides.  Your goal is to 1) find out if they could benefit from the opportunity and 2) let them know about the opportunity and 3) make sure they are interested.


You are going to run across allot of people who may need your opportunity and could benefit from it but you also need to make sure they are interested. This may not happen initially but at some point during the first few contacts, this will be very important since it will keep you from wasting precious time and resources.


Think about this very carefully.  As you go through each day and you are looking for prospects, you are looking for someone who has a problem that your company can provide a solution for.


So who is someone who could benefit from what you have to offer?  Generally it is someone who might be looking for:


–          Additional Income

–          Flexibility

–          Security

–          Different Lifestyle

–          Vacations

–          Special Company specific benefit


Your company may have certain nutritional benefits, or legal benefits that may be of particular interest to certain people.  Whatever that list of benefits is…commit them to memory.  That list is something that will be a catalyst for you.


When you hear someone who mentions ANY of those buzz words, it should send bells ringing!  They are a prospect.  They can benefit from what your company has to offer!


Exposing Them To The Solution


Now that you’ve found someone who can benefit,   the next piece of the puzzle is to let them know about the opportunity your company has. This is your opportunity to say:


“I couldn’t help but to hear that you are looking for ______.  I know exactly how you feel!!  I felt the same way about six months ago!  I found a great opportunity to change that when I started my business with _______.  Can I give you some information about them?”


With this simple statement you have let them know that you heard their “issue”.  You/your Company has a benefit that can solve it through the opportunity they provide. And, you have connected with a prospect.


You will find that almost everyone is a prospect.  And if they aren’t, they generally know someone who is!  The key is to keep your ears open.  And then don’t be afraid to open your mouth shortly afterwards!  At least give them a chance to hear about what you have to offer. Once they are aware of your company, if they aren’t interested they will usually let you know sooner rather than later.


Nothing is worse than KNOWING someone is a prospect…and then watch them walk away in the opposite direction because you were too stifled to do something about it!


Trust me, I have done this before and it’s definitely not a good feeling.  When you see a prospect you must understand that you might be denying them the opportunity and help that they truly need. So don’t be scared or ashamed to mention it to them.  It could make all the difference in the world.

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Good luck and happy prospecting!

 Renee Starms




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