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Why You Should Be Blogging…

Okay, let’s get one thing straight. Just like the television blogging is not going anywhere. Many people are aware of the power of blogging for business, but many have a misunderstanding about HOW to effectively blog for bucks in business. The average person should learn how to blog so they can level the playing field with themselves and the big businesses. This is the wave of the future. You see brick and mortar stores closing daily and one of the best ways to earn a living is online.

There are a gazillion blogs online today covering a wide array of subjects, from dog walking to motherhood, and many, many topics in between. Blogging for self-expression is one thing, but if you want to actually create an income from blogging, there are some key factors that you must know and implement.

You may have wanted to start a blog in the past, but you probably talked yourself out of it because you don’t think of yourself as a prolific writer. Some of the best blogs on the web are not written in a scholarly voice. In fact, most people don’t want to sit and read a blog that feels stuffy and void of personality. In fact, the of yourself you inject into your blog the better because there is someone out there who will relate to you based on who you are.

Blogging is not just about sharing facts and statistics. A blog is where you let your personality out, and share your opinions, your point of view, along with helpful information for your target audience.

The following key factors will help you formulate your blogging for bucks platform:

First, you would be well advised to blog about a topic that interests you. Anytime we are involved in something that we feel passion for, we are at ease, and the work flows and feels effortless. This type of ease will come across to the reader, and they will connect with your writing style. And, as a result they will be more inclined to not only subscribe and comment, but they will click through your blog to see what else you’re offering.

Second, you want to have RELEVANT affiliate links on your blog for your readers to click through. The operative word here is “relevant”. You don’t want to have affiliate links for network marketing products if your blog is all about vegan recipes because this is a disconnect. It would make sense to have affiliate links for products like Vitamix because that would be an item of interest for your readers. The affiliate links are where you will generate an income, so they have to make sense for your readers.

Third, you want to do proper keyword research for your blog posts. In fact, I would recommend doing keyword research before choosing a domain name for your blog, as well as every blog post title in addition to the actual content post. Taking keyword research seriously before writing a single word will be what makes your blog a success. What makes a blog a success, you ask? How many people are coming to your blog, reading and commenting on your content, sharing your posts, and clicking through to your links to purchase? People won’t know that your blog is floating out there in cyberspace if they can’t find you, and they won’t find you if you have not done your proper keyword research. This is where getting the right training comes in handy.

Fourth, you may consider placing ads on your blog as a source of revenue, but be advised not to go overboard with ad placement. Personally, I don’t like seeing a lot of ads in between content that I’m reading on a blog, maybe it’s just me…but I doubt it because it is annoying. I have been on some blogs and the ads will have the nerve to cover a portion of the article, and that is very unappreciated.

If you decide to blog for bucks, just remember to stay authentic to who you really are because there are plenty of fakers online. It’s refreshing to find a real voice out there. If you are passionate about something and have information that you may want to share, it would be in your best interest to learn how to blog properly. Blogging is not going anywhere and those who know how to do it the right way will be an asset to whatever community they belong to.

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All the best!

Renee Starms




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