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Just Believe!

Belief is the catalyst that propels you from one state of mind to another. It has such a profound affect that when you hold steadfast to your beliefs they can change the very circumstances around you.

There are certain principles that need to be applied when you want to hold onto your beliefs.  This is such a broad word that it can be applied to many things but for the sake of this post I am referring to what a person choses to believe in relation to their dreams and desires.

When you set your sights on something and determine that you want it or want to become that desire. You have set in motion one of the most powerful forces in the universe. Our creator backs you up when what you desire and wan, not only benefits you but the world around you. It appears as if the way things are set up, we get to be co-creators with the maker of the universe.

This is awesome!

It can take a minute to sink in because we may feel that we are insignificant and don’t have the ability to change our circumstances. The beautiful thing is that is starts from within so this means that no one can take this from you. It is in your head and your imagination. You control this area of your life and it’s up to you to decide to be for yourself which means believing in your dream or being against yourself which doesn’t really make much sense, but we do it.

It’s time to train your mind and get it in shape just like you would your physical body. You have to exercise your mind which means spending time reflecting on your dreams and desires and visualizing yourself achieving them.  This helps build your belief. The more time you spend seeing yourself doing something or being something and then taking the proper action to get there, the greater your belief becomes.

When you think about it, you couldn’t ask for a better gift because this truly is a gift. It’s up to you to use it and not waste it.  And one of the best ways to use this precious gift given to you is to set goals. It’s a good idea to keep something before you that you are striving to achieve. It’s good exercise.

Decide concretely what you want to do or be and take time daily, at least 10mins., to visualize yourself  being or doing it.  It’s also important to write down what you want.  Set a timetable for yourself for achieving it. It doesn’t have to be too rigid but it should be long enough to be realistic and short enough that you are compelled to work towards it.

So to recap:

  1. Take time to visualize what you desire or dream
  2. Write it down and break it into goals – short term and long term.
  3. Set a realistic timetable for achieving them.

I know these are things that you have all heard before but it’s always good to be reminded of these principles because it helps us get to our desired place much quicker.

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All the best!

Renee Starms


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