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Who is Teammate Material?

Potential Teammate #1: Excellent People Skills

Network Marketing is a people business, right? Therefore, it makes perfect sense that you find a teammate who loves interacting with others. An ideal business partner will be someone who can mingle with people from all walks of life. Their presence and bubbly personality should light up a room; not suck the energy out of it. Below are their known qualities:

  • Outgoing and easy to talk with
  • Articulate and can handle conversations very well
  • Don’t shy away from others; they love to be around lots of people
  • Can easily establish trust and confidence from prospects

Potential Teammate #2: Willing to be coached

A potential teammate is someone who is willing to be coached by other mentors. They are always open to learn fresh insights and new techniques to improve their performance and productivity.

These people are willing to become a student to leaders and players in the industry. They can be easily trained and mentored. No matter what type of profession they have, they are eager to be taught the skills and the system needed to provide them the results that they are looking for.

Potential Teammate #3: Dedicated and committed to the business

 If you’re a dedicated and committed network marketer, it’s just right that you find someone who possesses the same qualities as yours.

You’re looking at a business model that requires a strong work ethic to succeed. So seek a business partner who has a real passion for the business and is willing to take consistent actions needed to realize their success.

 Potential Teammate #4: A person of value

 A potential teammate and effective business partner is someone who can package oneself into a trusted and respected figure in the industry. He/She should be able to offer valuable information to other people; someone who can identify the needs of his/her prospects and provides relevant solutions. He/She should be someone who can live up to his/her own words. In other words, your qualified teammate will always do what he/she says they’ll do.

Potential Teammate #5: Strong leadership skills

 One way or the other, you’ll see your network grow, making it hard for you to guide each and every member in your organization. In order to do this, you have to find teammates who possess strong leadership skills; an authority figure that people can look up to and approach for help.

Look for that person who can navigate the network in the right direction. He/she should be someone who can supply quality teaching and trainings, provide feedback and constructive criticism, and offer unquestionable support to the organization.

The abovementioned traits may be very hard to find. Heck, you may not even find one person with all these qualities in a sea full of people. So what you really need to do is look for qualified teammates whom you can coach and hone to possess at least a good portion of each of these skills. It’s going to be a difficult task. But with all of your patience, determination, and leadership, you can watch your efforts pay off.  This can prove to be very rewarding because you will not only be helping people grow their business but you’re helping them change their lives and build their confidence. This alone can help you sustain a loyal team and create  lasting business partners.

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Now go out there and recruit and grow!

Renee Starms



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