Breakthrough in 2012! 4 Steps to Success!!!

It’s time to shatter blockages to your success.  We have all built up certain inner beliefs and blocks to our success,  and at times, when it comes to reaching our goals, we can be our own worst enemy.

This coming year 2012, we’ve got to stop thinking the same self limiting thoughts that keep us from achieving what we truly desire.

Many internet marketers have mental, emotional and spiritual blockages that limit their success. These blocks  keep us performing at a mediocre pace getting mediocre results and never building an online business that we truly desire. If you’ve been on any calls or webinars, you’ve heard very successful gurus talk about reaching plateaus and doing something to sabotage their success. They are very familiar with the inner game of selling and what is needed to overcome any self made obstacles.

Well, is a 4 step process to release these inner unconscious blocks that limit our success;

Step 1 Define and write out a statement that answers the following

*What people, places, things or circumstances are influencing who I perceive myself to be?

*What level of sales success is possible for me, and what level is impossible for me? Where’s the dividing line.

*What life rewards are possible for me to enjoy? And what are not possible? What is the dividing line?

Step 2 What causes me to set these boundaries?

Step 3 Why am I allowing these influences to become my beliefs?

Step 4 Release the old perceptions,

Say, “I now chose to separate myself from these old limiting perceptions of myself and I chose to move forward today.

There is no need to fight hard and strive to do better.  Relax and anytime you catch yourself  thinking old limiting thoughts about your abilities and what you are capable of achieving, STOP, and remind yourself that you have let go of those old self –defeating beliefs, say to yourself , you used to think that way but now, you believe differently  and affirm that you can now achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

Is your desire for succeeding as an internet marketer strong enough for you to be consistent in changing your old self limiting beliefs?

You’ll answer these questions with your actions, and I hope to see you success and limitless in 2012!

Leave me a comment on Facebook about the goals you want to achieve in 2012 that you feel  may be a beyond your reach.

Renee Starms

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