Learn to Use the Power of Leverage

The Power of Leverage

 Network Marketing was the first place that I have ever heard about the concept of leverage.  Considering that the American Dream is often paved with a college degree and a “good education”, I would naturally assume that leverage would be a term that the white house would want to expose all of its citizens to.  However, it doesn’t happen that way.

Let’s take a look at two different but common scenarios:

Scenario 1:

As a child, you were told to study hard, get a college degree, and look for a decent job with decent pay. You followed your parents’ advice and landed a job with substantial pay—enough to cover your expenses but not sufficient to splurge on luxury items. You know that you truly deserve a promotion; with all the time and effort you’ve invested in your work. But years have already passed and you are still in the very same position you applied for.

Scenario 2:

As a child, you were told to study hard, get a college degree, and look for a decent job with decent pay. But in this case, you didn’t follow what your parents told you to do. Instead, you went out of your comfort zone and searched for the right business opportunity that is more than enough to cover both your expenses and luxurious lifestyle. A couple of years passed and you are exactly where you projected yourself to be, successful, happy, surrounded by like-minded people while far exceeding the income you would have earned had you followed the “Poor Dad” scenario.

Are you one of those people that lives your life making a living based on 100% of your own efforts? Or would you rather earn 1% out of the efforts of 100 people?

Unfortunately, the majority of the population is being educated and trained to experience the first scenario. They are taught to be a conformist—to do what others tell them to do and to look for a job after they complete a college degree. Forget about the idea of owning your own business. If you already have a job that guarantees substantial pay, why risk it all for some random idea that may never pay off?

Undeniably, in this traditional business setting, the only people who benefit from leveraging are mostly the business owners or the top executives of the company. When in fact, it is the loyal and hardworking employees that are really the ones who do all the work unfortunately, they are also the ones the least compensation. So as you can see, this situation has proven to backfire on a vast majority of people.

Sadly, these very same people claim that they would like to be their own boss but only a small percentage possess the burning desire for success and are willing to risk their comfort zones. Others are afraid of rejection, difficulties, and failure while some are simply satisfied with their jobs.

If you are not willing to stay grounded in this mindset, it’s time to learn and experience the other alternative. But you must be more than willing to take a risk and go way out of your comfort zone to pursue greater economic freedom, then you need to study and understand the principle of leverage so it can work for you.

So what is leveraging?

Leveraging is the art of duplicating your time through the efforts of others to achieve maximum results. It is through leveraging that you are given the chance to gain more with less effort. Leverage has a few meanings but in this context, I am referring to using your influence and your resources; energy, skills and efforts to achieve the maximum return by teaching others to duplicate your same activities and skills whereby there are more people working towards the same goals as opposed to you alone.

Though the force of leverage is applied to almost every aspect of your life, it is only through network marketing that you get the most out of it.
Everyone involved in network marketing is given an equal opportunity to build their own business by spending only a portion of their time and energy to experience maximum results.  Yes, you have to work very hard initially in order to build a proper foundation for your business. And also develop the proper mindset to propel it forward while influencing others but the rewards are incomparable. Through leveraging, everybody has the chance to earn what they’re worth.

One of the many advantages of proper leveraging is that whenever a business partner stops working, it will only have a minor effect on your business’ productivity. The stability of the business won’t be jeopardized and you still get to enjoy a continuous flow of residual income.

This principle allows people to live the lifestyle they choose; they can work whenever they want to and they can decide how much effort they will put into it. They get paid even on vacation! In this industry, you get to enjoy both time freedom and financial freedom at the same time.

Now ask yourself, “Are you ready to have leveraging work for you?

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 Renee Starms



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