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The Critical Difference; Sales vs. Marketing

It’s important to recognize the difference between sales and marketing. Most people focus on sales more than marketing when they create a daily business strategy. However, to get the greatest impact on their efforts, they should lean heavily on the marketing side. When a proper marketing system is put into place it helps leverage all of the sales efforts and actually helps to create more sales.

You see, when you have a strong marketing system which consists of multiple exposures to your business such as print advertisement (yes, I did say print), coupled with automated social media networking, email marketing, blogging and syndication, you create a substantial amount of leverage for your business.

And when you couple this with offline tactics and begin directing prospects to your online information you allow yourself to build a relationship with these prospects because they will be able to see your activity, ask you questions and get to know who you are even though you may have met this prospect in person only once.

So as you can see, there is a CRITICAL difference between sales and marketing that every successful person that builds a business understands.

If you just focus on the “old way” of doing business that:

*Required being a salesperson.”
*Required spending lots of time on the phone”
*Required going through the numbers”
*Required a lot of rejection.”

That is the old paradigm.

It no longer works. It’s just not effective anymore. If you want to know what does;

So, no matter what compensation plan you’re a part of, you always get rewarded the most for bringing in people who are business builders. There’s a lot of people who complain about their jobs – but who will never become entrepreneurs because they simply do not want to face the rejection of selling to people directly.

For these people, I have very good news. You can learn the new way to build a business which is much easier and 10 times faster to build then the “old way”.  This is cutting edge marketing at its finest so that no matter what you do, you always have the ability to get your information in front of prospects, and targeted prospects at that, the ones most interested in what you have to offer.

This is the secret that will save you from the
rejection that destroys most people’s chances in a
network marketing organization.

Marketing allows you to leverage your income and create more sales. Structure your business so marketing is doing all of the heavy work for you. Learn how to lay your business out in such a way that the marketing portion of your business far outweighs the sales side. When this happens, you have the ability to make infinite sales. You see, there are only so many sales you will be able to make in a given day because you would have to spend time with each prospect but when you have the proper marketing system in place it can work for you 24 hours day and always generate leads and sales regardless of what your day consists of. If you understand this, you need to take a step further and get this information. It will make all the difference and make you successful.

Wishing you all the best!

Renee Starms

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