The Power of Service

One of the great things I like about internet marketing is the way it forces you to personally grow. In order to master attraction marketing you have to develop a keen sense of service.  In this industry, people are looking for those who can help them. They are seeking a solution to a problem and you have to be the answer to their problem in order for them to pay you. So, your service or product is in direct relation to the profits that you earn.

When you providing quality service that’s when your income will change. The level of trust that people with afford you goes up and they will listen to you and purchase what you have to offer.  They will tell other people about you and those will buy from you as well. This is a form of leverage because you are not working any harder to produce a higher level of results.

When you develop the habit of serving people you will never feel like you are selling.  Instead of focusing on what you’ll earn. Focus on the service you can provide and think of creative ways to truly help more people then, profits will follow. It’s a natural process for you to reap benefits (profits) by sowing quality (creating value) into other people’s lives.  So profits are achieved when you reach other productivity goals.

Put yourself in your prospective customer’s shoes. Be creative in offering advice or teaching a basic skill like video blogging, etc.  Think of a way to teach it that you would like to learn it.  Your way may not be for everyone but there will surely be some out in internet land that will appreciate your delivery of that lesson.

Try to be consistent and always offer some training or information in one form or another because this will help build trust. Its true what they say, Blog regularly and eventually it will pay off.  Another great thing that will happen once you get into the habit of blogging and marketing online, you will be looking for way to provide value even during your daily activities.

Always remember that when you are serving others it is natural to be rewarded.  You don’t have to have the mindset that you are owed something but when you begin desiring to serve others from you heart, your confidence will increase and this will help make your expectation of positive things happening to you increase as well.

In order to incorporate this into your daily routine;

  1. Try to think of 1 idea everyday that will create value for newbie marketers that you can share with them.
  2.  This may sound super corny but visualize yourself really helping someone solve a problem  they are having with their marketing.
  3. Keep a journal and jot down ideas of serving people that come to your mind during the day.
  4. Be creative, inject your personality into what you share.
  5. Once you get allot of ideas implemented and you’ve shared them over time, put together a product that  you can market and sell as a package to earn additional profits either in webinar format, ebook, etc.

The beauty of this industry is that there are many ways to provide value. You just need to find the one that suits you.

After you have put together your training, make sure you share your service or product with as many people as possible.  If you know that you have taken your time and put together good quality training, have confidence and expect to reap good things from the good work that you have done.

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Wishing you the best!

Renee Starms


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